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ZUNHUA will be present at China Import and Export Fair.2016-10
ZUNHUA are going to take part in the following fair:Show Name:China Import and Export FairAddress:G...
ZUNHUA will be present at China Import and Export Fair.2015-10
ZUNHUA are going to take part in the following fair: Show Name:China Import and Export Fair Address...
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  Conveyor Belts Workshop
To control quality is to control the details,for the controllable. Result is rooted in the controllable details,and the enterprises. Sustainable development is rooted in reliable quality. In order to guarantee top-quality products Zunhua invests a significant proportion of its capital into production equipment.The company is equipped with industry leading production equioment such as an advanced Banbury Mixing Upstream Line Equipment System.It utilizes computer controlled automatic measurement and blanking,which ensure consisency of rubber materials and blanking,reduces labor intensity,and improves the working enviroment. By it high quality and complete after-sales service,Zunhua has srtuo its own brand image.

   Steel Cord Core And Textile Core Rubber Conveyor Belt Vulcanization Production Line:
During the course of the development of the vulcanizing line, we devote ourselves to the improvement of the structure and the configuration for the equipment. As a result, our production of vulcanizing line can be used to avoid most of the quality problem in the course of processing, for the special configuration has play an important role in the belt producing.

  The extrusion line for rubber sheet with wide width
The extrusion line for rubber sheet with wide width, is mainly composed of cold-feeding pin extruding system, the double-roll calendering system, the six-roll cooling system, the rubber sheet combining system, double-station packing system, etc. The rubber cover of conveyor belt is produced in the following procession, the fully plasticating in the pin-extruder, and then the passing from the extruding die with the help of the double-roll calendering system. The cover wide width of less than 2600mm and thickness of 1.5~1.8mm, is produced without the problem of bubble and fish scale in this procession. And also the additional function, such as rubber covering on the flame retardant belt, can be realized if the production line is equipped with other necessary device.

  The Fix Tension Combining Production Line
The fix tension combining production line is developed on the base of the technology abroad according to the requirement of the conveyor belt. In this line, there are such characteristics as novel structure, fixed tension, high level of automation, sensitive and reliable control, wide application, and convenient repair. The specialists from the Phoenix Company in Germany think that, comparing with production of Hungary and Canada, this line is of more advanced technology, more reasonable structure and higher production efficiency, and have played a great role in improving the equality of the conveyor belt. Function: Fixed tension joint forming between single width rubber sheet and multi-layer rubber cloth No pressing joint of multi-layer of cloth and joint forming of single width rubber sheet Cutting joint of width mating rubber cloth and fix tension joint forming of multi-layer rubber cloth Cutting, joint press fitting and width mating of the rubber sheet covered up and down of the wide width wire rope belt Cutting joint of cover rubber PVG belt and fixed tension joint forming of green belt The belt core trimming, paste brushing and pasting edge rubber are finished at the same time Fixed tension joint forming repeatable for many times


  Transmission Belts Workshop
Backing up with top-ranking equipment and advanced. Hi-tech,leading by the market Continuous innovation and refor,ation. Advanced equipment,high technology and products property decided by technology are the premises of market cultivation and realization of the ideal of business creation,Zunhua company owns clead nad modem factory building ,green lands occupy 30% of the company.

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