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ZUNHUA will be present at China Import and Export Fair.2016-10
ZUNHUA are going to take part in the following fair:Show Name:China Import and Export FairAddress:G...
ZUNHUA will be present at China Import and Export Fair.2015-10
ZUNHUA are going to take part in the following fair: Show Name:China Import and Export Fair Address...
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The enterprises employing philosophy: people-oriented expertise and resources

1.Understand the main points:
People-oriented: people do the work of the first element, the multitude of work should fundamentally grabbed this combination is a magic weapon of success.
Best use: nurturing innovative mechanisms to create a relaxed environment, stimulate potential employees.

Putting People First: First of all, the human factor is the most active, the most critical, and throughout the work always, its role is first and foremost, decisive. Therefore, the dry work and do things from the man grabbed First, as the source, as fundamental; Secondly, anything, any work ins and outs of the points, so dry work, doing things should sort things out, to seize the source Basic; third, the people of this combination to achieve the best unified, is a magic weapon for the success of our cause.
Their talent: each worker can give full play to his talent, inexhaustible motive force for the survival and development of enterprises. To achieve this goal, from a subjective perspective, each worker must work hard, study hard, and progressive; Objectively speaking, the enterprise must establish a mechanism to cultivate dedicated innovation, workers build a better play to platform, harmony and unity between the two, greatly inspired and effective way of mining employees' potential.

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