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ZUNHUA will be present at China Import and Export Fair.2016-10
ZUNHUA are going to take part in the following fair:Show Name:China Import and Export FairAddress:G...
ZUNHUA will be present at China Import and Export Fair.2015-10
ZUNHUA are going to take part in the following fair: Show Name:China Import and Export Fair Address...
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Precations for Mouning and Using Automotive Belts

Check your clothing to ensure that there are no loose parts, including loose hair, gloves or clothing that may be pulled into the rotating parts, including the pulley belt
Always ensure that the engine is turned off and the belt fully stops before checking, repairing or replacing a belt
Ensure the power switch is not turned on during the belt inspection, repair or replacement
Ensure that a same type belt or pulley replace the existing one
Do not cut the belt with a knife or scissors while the belt is still under tension. It may spring out to hurt near by people
Align the belt to the pulley center. Otherwise, it will shorten the belt life as one side will wear heavily
  Do not touch the belt or pulley immediately after it stops. Your hand may be burnt
Reduce the belt tension before replacing it with a belt
Inadequate mounting with wrong tension will cause early wear or breakage
Maintain the defined tension in mounting or using the belt. Wrong tension will cause noise or breakage
Replace all belts on one pulley at the sametime
Otherwise, it will cause early wear or breakage


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