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ZUNHUA will be present at China Import and Export Fair.2016-10
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ZUNHUA are going to take part in the following fair: Show Name:China Import and Export Fair Address...
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How to calculate the necessary strength of conveyor belt

When choosing the right conveyor belt for a specific transport, certain factors must be observed, such as

Total thickness of belt
The product to be conveyed
Minimum pulley diameters
Working temperatures
Chemical resistance
Cross stable / trough transport
The formula below can be used as guide line when choosing the right belt with suitable strength for carrying out the transportation:

Working tension for belt( N/mm)=10×Fmax/belt width( mm)

Fmax is the maximum, total load (kg) on the belt at the same time.
Belt length: 10m
Belt width: 500m
Boxes of each 50kg for every 0.5m

Working tension=10×1000/500=20N/mm

2el016 will be too weak and 2m024 is chosen
Drum diameters should always be as large as possible. The minimum admissible diameter is determined by the effective pull to be transmitted and the flexural properties of the belt type used.Particularly with wide conveyors, drums with too small a diameter are subject to inadmissibly large deflection and mistracking.


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