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ZUNHUA will be present at China Import and Export Fair.2016-10
ZUNHUA are going to take part in the following fair:Show Name:China Import and Export FairAddress:G...
ZUNHUA will be present at China Import and Export Fair.2015-10
ZUNHUA are going to take part in the following fair: Show Name:China Import and Export Fair Address...
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Tips for Selecting Conveyor Belts

Please fill out and forward to us the use condition details on the rear cover of the catalog for right belt selection.

Do not use conveyor belts for transporting bulk or unpacked foodstuff.

Advance enquiry is invited for use environment prone to cracks (on belt surface) by ozone (seashore, woods, or other places exposed to direct sunray).

Observe the following instructions in selecting conveyor belts.

Ordinary Belt Belts surface temperature should be within the range of -30℃~+50℃. The cannot be applied to such specialty belts as heat-resistant, cold-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, foodstuff transporting,fire-retardant,human transporting, and bucket elevator conveyor belts.
Heat-Resistant Belt Belts life span is greatly reduced if use in a sealed space as belt temperature soon becomes the ambient temperature. Do not use belt for transporting materials above allowed temperatures as indicated on the catalog. The belt is not fully fire proof.
Oil-Resistant Belt Please indicate the intended use conditions when ordring belts as belt life span is greatly affected by adhesion of materials on belt surface, types and amount of oil contained in materials, and temperature of materials.
Fire-Resistant Belt Flame-retardant belts may ignite in flames though they satisfy the flame retardancy standards.
Color Belt Store belts indoors after covering.Do not leave belts idle on machines for an extended time.


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