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ZUNHUA are going to take part in the following fair: Show Name:China Import and Export Fair Address...
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Tips for Using Conveyor Belts

Routine Maintenance

Belts should be inspected as to the following checkpoints before using them. Appropriate actions should be taken for any abnormal condition. Please contact the dealer if such abnormal conditions persist.

Checkpoints Corrective actions
(1) Damage or wear of belt body
(2) Peeling or damage on joining parts
(3) Poor roller rotation
(4) Foreign materials attached to pulley or rollers
(5) Abnormal take-up action parts
(6) Skirt or cleaner damages
(7) Shute damages
(8) foreign materials or substances attached
Repair or replacement
Repair and rejoining
Repair or replacement
Removal of foreign materials

Points to note in operation

Install a shield wall or safety cover.Operator or others may be squeezed or drawn between the belt and equipment while under operation.

Do not enter the area behind the shield wall.

Do not wear a necktie and check for any loose clothing.Human body may be squeezed or drawn into the equipment.

During operation don’t step on the belt. Don’t touch the belt with your hand or body.

Don’t throw in any foreign materials like cigarette butts or anything that may catch fire.

Check power switch, emergency stop device, and escape exit before starting operation.

Observe maximum load limit to prevent an unusual strain. It may cause the belt to break.Ensure transport materials are not spilt over the belt sides.

Install a detection device on equipment for emergency stop situation.

Ex) Device to prevent reverse rotation, serpentine action detection device, emergency stop device etc.

Immediately stop and check the line for any joint breaks or serpentine action or any other maintenance issue.

Do not enter the space below the belt or take-up part.

Do not remove cake or debris while the belt is in operation.

Points to note when stopped

Turn off the switch and display “Stopped” sign on the switch to prevent a mistaken operation.Never step on the belt unless necessary for repair.

Do not stop the belt with transport materials on it. Fire may result.

Do not turn on the switch for resuming operation until the entire line safety is thoroughly checked.

Do not step on the belt for repair with cleated shoes. The belt may be damaged.

Ensure that harmful objects do not fall onto or attach to the belt, including oil, chemical, welding torch flames, and heavy items.

Points to note when splicing belts

Belts should be joined on an even surface according the strict procedures to ensure safety.

Be careful in performing work or handling tools at a high or dangerous line.

Beware of ignition in the workplace. Fire may result.

Avoid direct sunlight and remove moisture or dust from the joint when joining belts. Adhesive power may be degraded.

Ensure sufficient ventilation when rubber bond or solvent is used. They may hurt your health.

Do not leave rubber bond or solvent or any other accelerants in the workplace. They may cause fire.

Use only materials allowed for joining belts. Also observe the validity of the joining materials.

Routine Maintenance

Belts are rolled on wood pr steel drum and wrapped with polypropylene. Beware of the following points.

The belt rolls should ne fixed on the cargo bed of a truck. Pay special care not to damage them which forks of lift trucks.

Do not roll them. It may hurt people in the area.

Ensure the belt is not damaged by inserting a shaft in the roll holes as shown in the figure when you lift them by a crane.

Acceptable storape conditions

When keeping stand-by belts or used belts, pay attention to the following points to prevent aging damage from prolonged storage.

Keep the belts away from direct sunlight.
Keep the belts away from wind, rain, or moisture.
Keep them in a dry, even place.
Keep them away from harmful objects like fire, oil, chemical or organic gas.
Fix belt rolls to prevent them from rolling.


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